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Open CFG File

CFG file extension is used by files storing various kinds of configuration information. CFG files are frequently referred to as configuration files. Configuration files can store various parameters, settings and start-up information used by applications or operating system.

CFG file usually is a plain text file though in rare cases it may contain binary information. If CFG file is plain text it could be opened and modified by any text editing application. It is not recommended changing CFG file contents without knowledge of what specific settings are responsible for. If incorrect value or setting is written to CFG file, an application which uses it may stop functioning. It is always recommended to back-up configuration file prior to changing it.

If you have multiple configuration files in different formats which you need to manage it may be wise to use Config app. Config allows managing configuration files across various platforms, devices and environments. It can synchronize common variables across all configuration files managed by Config app. It supports version control, type safety, search & documentation, workflow and deployment. Applications like Config considerable simplify management of CFG and other configuration files in a complex server application environment.

There are two typical ways how CFG files could be modified. You can either open CFG file online or offline in text editor and modify settings there or in many cases use a tool provided by an application which uses CFG file. An example of this is CFG file named Celestia.CFG. This CFG file is used by Celestia, universe simulation application. It could be edited by Celestia Config Manager in a user friendly user interface.

Open CFG file in Windows OS

  • If you know the application which uses CFG file use it to open it
  • If you don't know which application uses CFG file try hex editor as a CFG file opener to see what is inside
  • You can use HxD, WinHex, UltraEdit as CFG file viewer.
  • If the CFG file in question is from Celestia then you can use Celestia Config Manager

Below are configuration file extensions which are also frequently used:

  • INI – initialization files for Windows components
  • JSON – Javscript Object Notation file – frequently used to initialize server configuration
  • PROPERTIES – Java application configuration file