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CFG Frequently Asked Questions

What is CFG file?

CFG file extension is used by files storing various kinds of configuration information. CFG files are frequently referred to as configuration files. Configuration files can store various parameters, settings and start-up information used by applications or operating system.

How can I view CFG file?

CFG file usually is a plain text file though in rare cases it may contain binary information. If CFG file is plain text it could be opened and modified by any text editing application. It is not recommended changing CFG file contents without knowledge of what specific settings are responsible for.

Are CFG files binary?

No, typically CFG files are plain text and could be easily viewed by most text editors.

What applications can I use to open CFG file?

If CFG file is plain text then it could be easily opened by Notepad on Windows operating system, by TextEdit on Mac OS and by Vim or Nano on Linux or Unix operating system.