Open CFG File

Information, tips and instructions

Problems with CFG files

In most cases, working with CFG files should not cause any issues, however, there are certain conditions that can lead to a malfunction of the software which edits or opens CFG files.

Problems with the association of the extension with Notepad

If you have problem with opening CFG files in Windows Notepad, make sure that it is selected as the default program that will be used to open CFG on your computer. Navigate to the location of your CFG file in Windows File Explorer. Click on the right mouse button and then “Open with” in the drop-down menu. If you don’t see “Notepad” in the list of the application to open the CFG file, then click on the “Choose another app” menu option. Select “Notepad” and click “Ok” to open CFG file in Notepad.

Problems with the syntax of the CFG file

Make sure the file with the CFG extension is complete and error free. If another person sent you the CFG file and it is not working, ask this person to double check and resend the file. During the process of copying the file, errors may occur that make the file incomplete or damaged. It could happen that the process of downloading the file with the CFG extension has been interrupted and the data in the file is defective. Download the file again from the same source.

Problems with the application version

Make sure the software is up to date. Sometimes, software developers introduce new formats instead of those that are already compatible with new versions of their applications. If you have an earlier version of applications installed, it may not support the CFG format.

Use correct application to edit

Make sure you use the right application to edit the CFG file. Some CFG files could be opened by any text editing applications while others require specialized tools to make changes to them.

Problems with Malwares and viruses

The CFG may be infected with malware. Be sure to scan your computer with an antivirus tool. If the file is infected, the malware may prevent the computer from opening the CFG file.

Problems with the rights to edit and operate CFG or configuration files

Verify if your account has administrative rights. Sometimes, to access the files, the user must have administrative privileges. Sometimes you need to run software which edits CFG files with administrative privileges. To do it click on the right mouse button on the application you want to use to edit CFG file. Click on the “Run as Administrator” from the drop-down menu.